"Do you give to live, or live to give?"

Speaker Philip Clemens to ask audience Feb. 29

Waterloo, Ontario – Which is it for you? Do you give to live – or to put it another way, do you give back 10% of what God has given you as a payment to God and then you are off the hook and can live whatever way you want?

Or do you look at all you have, realize that God has given it to you and live in a way that you can give back a great deal and you are constantly looking for God to prompt you to meet a need that He has placed before you?

Keynote speaker Philip Clemens will ask his audience to consider these questions at a Feb. 29 dinner meeting of MEDA's Lancaster, PA chapter.

Clemens has spent his entire working career with his family business in Hatfield, PA. He began on the clean-up crew and worked his way up to be the CEO and President of the company. In 2000, he became Chairman and CEO of The Clemens Family Corporation, a holding company.

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... MMA Stewardship University, March 1, 8am-2:30 pm, for workshops on Giving with the End in Mind, Responsible Energy Use is Good Business and The Art of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Learn how to apply biblical principles to your business, how your business can use energy responsibly and how you can balance the challenges that companies face in the increasing call for socially responsible practices.

To register for the dinner, stewardship university or both, or for more information, contact Carol Eby Good at (717) 560-6546, toll free at (800) 665-7026, or via e-mail: ceby-good@meda.org